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Micro-saddles I like (as of May 16, 2024):

Things I'd like to write about someday:

Japanese post-war contemplative first-person novels I've read and enjoyed, mostly (but not entirely) I-novels (my favorites towards the top):

Angles to approach writing from:

Types of books:

Pleasant outfits encountered in music videos:

Children’s-song-esque singing on top of quirky electronics:

Writing that has influenced how I think about software/technology (though mostly just software):

Works that felt like brand new ways to write when I first read them:

(The emphasis is on “when I first read them”. In many cases, I went on to read many similar works and there are often more representative examples of the kinds of writing these works introduced me to — but the focus of this list is on autobiographicity).

Live performances I've done since coming to China:

Lists I’d like to make later: