This is the place for me to just give you several big lists of what has been meaningful to me, in this short life of mine, with no further commentary or explanation -- at least at the time of list-entry. Eventually if I write about any of the items on these lists elsewhere, I'll try to remember to put a link for the benefit of anyone who, for whatever reason, would like further elaboration on my taste in media. Consider everything on here a work in progress. Some of these lists (one might perhaps argue all of them) are more areas I'd like to learn about than anything I'm an expert in. Your recommendations are always appreciated, though please be aware I tend not to include things I find too obvious.

You can safely assume that anything you find on this webpage is something I found valuable -- though it is NOT safe to conjecture as to exactly why I found it valuable. The specifics of why I like things aren't really all that important anyways. While there may (eventually) be links to my analysis and pontificating, I think it's important to preserve some distance between recommendations and the rationale behind recommendations. While it's true I constantly fantasize of tricking people into talking about what I want to talk about -- but I'm too squeamish to not panic once I've found I've accidentally injected fully manufactured ideas into other people's brains. So use this (and anything else I write) as launching board for forming your own opinions. I will say that the first few (or maybe last few?) items of each list might be what I'd most heartily recommend you -- though take that with a grain of salt.

Chinese-language rock bands

Hong Kong cinema

(This list is still woefully incomplete. I unfortunately have much less documentation of movies I've watched than music I've listened to. My brain doesn't function unless I have something to jog my memory. I'll have to slowly work on it as titles occur to me. I also have so much I haven't watched.)