Day 8,
September 25

After many days of cloudy semi-darkness, the sun is out again, and I am sad.

Ok, I wrote that sentence when I woke up today around 8am and looked out the window. I had some staring at my computer to do for a few hours, and before I even knew it the sun was gone and the thick clouds were back, which made me feel better.

I ran over to Huashan park and did a lap around it then ran home. A lot of the parks around here are elevated. On one side of the street you have some bars and office buildings, and on the other a little stone wall with some trees on top. The two main entrances have a bunch of old people sitting around playing cards.

Like many young adults, I've gradually came to the realization that the flow of time is all messed up. I keep running too long and not getting a proper rest day because 10 minutes feels like 5 minutes and 5 minutes feels like an hour.

When I got back to my girlfriend's apartment I saw the security guard and preemptively said hello to him. He looked all freaked out, since I've never said hi to him before, and he hesitated before saying hi back to me.