Friends and Webrings

A friend is a person whose website you link to from your own website. In the parlance of the original English translation of Dragon Warrior Monsters, such a person (or entity) may also be called a "pal."

For my purposes, I'm not going to restrict myself to only linking people with personal websites, because for better or worse, we live in an age where most of the people I like don't have a personal website. So please forgive me if one of the links below sends you to someone's Substack or Instagram.

Here are a few of my friends:


Mallet Under Heaven



Sutta Slime


(He also maintains a Youtube channel with videos of a bunch of experimental music performances in Shanghai and elsewhere.)

Jia Xiao


In true Neocities fashion, I'm also a member of several webrings. There will be more someday!

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Book Ring

Jrock webring